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MFLA Executive

If you are looking to get in touch with The Middlesex Family Lawyers' Association ("MFLA") executive, please find our contact information below:
Vice President and Secretary
  • Ryan Amez (McKenzie Lake Lawyers) 
Executive Members
  • Osleen Barrington (Legal Aid Ontario)
  • Matthew Gianotti (Gianotti Family Law)
  • Bayly Guslits (Harrison Pensa LLP)
  • Beth Leaper (Beth Leaper Family Law/Leapfrog Mediation)
  • Stephanie Ouellette  (SO Legal)
  • Michelle Retief (McKenzie Lake Lawyers)
  • Wendy Trieu (Trieu Mimnagh Buač LLP)
  • Zachary Wilson (Zachary Wilson Barrister & Solicitor)
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