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Welcome to the Middlesex Family Lawyers Association Website

Purposes of this Website

This website aims to,

  • Provide members of the MFLA with a virtual bulletin board so that we have a place to easily access information about upcoming events and CPD programs that are being hosted by the MFLA, as well as news that may affect our family law practices.

  • Provide members of the MFLA with a place where we can easily access information about our local practice directions. This includes communications from our Local Administrative Judges that are relevant to our family law practices.

  • Provide out-of-town lawyers or self-represented individuals who have matters in the Middlesex family court system with a place where they can access information about our local practice directions.

Updates to Website

This website has been created and is updated by members of the MFLA Executive Committee who volunteer their time to this project. The site is updated regularly and we try to post important information as soon as it becomes available to us. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, please e-mail them to the MFLA Executive at

2024 MFLA Executive Committee

Genevieve Samuels (Samuels Family Law) 

Vice President and Secretary
Hilary Jenkins (McKenzie Lake Lawyers) 

Ryan Amez (McKenzie Lake Lawyers) 

Executive Members
Osleen Barrington (Legal Aid Ontario)
Matthew Gianotti (Gianotti Family Law)
Bayly Guslits (Harrison Pensa LLP)
Beth Leaper (Beth Leaper Family Law/Leapfrog Mediation)
Michelle Retief (McKenzie Lake Lawyers)
Wendy Trieu (Trie
u Family Law)
Zachary Wilson (Zachary Wilson Barrister & Solicitor)
Join the MFLA
MFLA membership is open to family law lawyers, as well as articling students and related professionals.

r membership information and fees, please e-mail the MFLA Executive at

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